May 1st 2017

Welcome to SD Talks Special Series on Climate Action: Video Address by Patricia Espinosa

Patricia Espinosa1.28 min
Patricia Espinosa invites you to join the SD Talks Special Series on Climate Action, a webinar series organised by the UNSSC Knowledge Centre for Sustainable Development in partnership with UN Climate Change in the lead up to and during COP23. This webinar series was conceived to set the stage for COP23 which took place in Bonn in November, and to further discussions around climate change and sustainable development.


Webinar#1 | Paris Agreement & the SDGs: One Agenda for a Sustainable Future with Amina Mohammed, Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations
3 May 2017 | 3:15-4:30 pm CEST (9:15-10:30 am EDT)
Join us for the opening session of our 7-episode webinar series on Climate Action with Amina Mohammed (Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations), Nick Nuttall (Head of Communications and Outreach at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change). This first webinar will focus on the link between the Paris Agreement and the sustainable development agenda, and will look at how this mutually reinforcing relationship affects their implementation. At the end of the discussion, participants will have the opportunity to ask their questions directly to the speakers during the live Q&A session. Watch this webinar now!

Webinar#2 | National Climate Plans (NDCs): Blueprints for a Global Transformation
7 June 2017 | 3:15-4:15 pm CEST (9:15-10:15 am EDT) | Register now:
The Paris Climate Change Agreement set the goals, and now countries must translate them into action. The Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) set out what each country plans to do as part of the Paris Agreement to contribute to the international effort to secure a sustainable future for all. This webinar will explain how NDCs open up a new universe of economic and cooperation opportunities to realize the mitigation and adaptation plans and increase climate resilience.

Webinar#3 | Climate Finance: Can Countries Really Bank on It?
RESCHEDULED: new date and time tbc] 
Boosting financial flows and greening investments into a low-emission, resilient transition will be key to meeting the aims and ambitions of both the Paris Climate Change Agreement and the Sustainable Development Agenda. A transformational change is needed in our financial systems, banks and investments to enable sustainable business to become the necessary new norm if we want to realize the promise of a clean and sustainable future for all. This webinar will explain the current climate finance scenario and will outline the major opportunities for financial institutions and public and private investors. The new date and time of this webinar will be communicated in due course.

Webinar#4 | COP23 in Bonn: Setting the Rules of the Climate Game; Making Cooperation Stick
28 September 2017 | 2:30-3:30 pm CEST (8:30-9:30 am EDT)| Register now:
Between 6-17 November, thousands of government delegates and leaders from all sectors of society will gather in Bonn (Germany) for the 2017 UN Climate Change Conference. Under the Presidency of Fiji, the UNFCCC secretariat with the support of Germany will host this annual meeting with one clear objective: making progress for a successful, inclusive and ambitious implementation of the Paris Agreement. This includes negotiations on the rule book—or operating manual—for transparent climate action under the Paris Agreement, as well as showcasing cooperative climate action, including on vulnerability and resilience, from around the globe. This webinar will explain the milestones and key challenges that lie ahead of COP 23. 

Webinar#5 | From Companies to Cities: Crucial Climate Role of CEOs and Mayors
30 October 2017 | 3:15-4:15 pm CEST (10:15-11:15 am EDT) | Register now:
Non-Party Stakeholders are essential in the global effort to realize the goals of the Paris Agreement. The UNFCCC's NAZCA Portal showcases thousands of leading examples of game-changing climate actions from the private sector, cities and other sub-national governments. More commitments and urgent actions are needed. Wide-ranging cross-sectoral partnerships will be fundamental for nations to fulfil their objectives. This webinar will explain the great momentum for more ambition and cooperation from all parts of society. The exact date and time of this webinar will be communicated in due course.

Webinar#6 | Innovation in Climate Action: Meet the 2017 Momentum for Change Award Winners
November 2017 [date and time tbc] | Register now:
During COP 23, the people behind some of the 2017 Lighthouse Activities of the initiative Momentum for Change will demonstrate how they are creating positive impact in the lives of people, communities and on the planet´s health, through innovative approaches. The Momentum for Change initiative is spearheaded by the UN Climate Change secretariat to shine a light on some of the most innovative, scalable and replicable examples of what people are doing to address climate change. The exact date and time of this webinar will be communicated in due course.

Webinar#7 | COP 23: From Bonn to the World – Outcomes and Next Steps for a Sustainable 21st Century
December 2017 [date and time tbc] | Register now:
This webinar will feature Patricia Espinosa, Executive Secretary of UNFCCC, who will discuss the key outcomes of COP 23, including with respect to the negotiations and the implementation of the Paris Agreement. This webinar will also highlight the measures undertaken by non-party stakeholders and will underline the next steps following COP 23. The exact date and time of this webinar will be communicated in due course.

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Patricia Espinosa
Patricia Espinosa
Executive Secretary, UN Climate Change 

Ambassador of Mexico to Germany since 2012 and from 2001 to 2002, Ms. Espinosa was Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mexico from 2006 to 2012, bringing more than 30 years of experience at highest levels in international relations, specialized in climate change, global governance, sustainable development, gender equality and protection of human rights. As Mexico's representative on multilateral bodies and international organizations in Vienna, Geneva and New York, Ms. Espinosa has been engaged as leader in the global challenge to address climate change and its consequences, notably as Chair of the 16th Conference of the Parties to the UNFCCC leading to the adoption of the Cancun Agreements. Named by the UN Secretary-General to the High-Level Panel of Eminent Persons on the Post 2015 Development Agenda, she is a tireless supporter of multilateralism as a way to improve conditions for development in all regions of the world, understanding the inextricable link between the aims of the Paris Climate Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals.

Elected Chair of the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly (1996) she played a key role in the process leading to the adoption of the Beijing Platform for Action at the 4th World Conference on Women. Previous Ambassador of Mexico to Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia and UN Organisations in Vienna (2002-2006), she was Chief of Staff to the Undersecretary of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (1989-1991) and responsible for economic issues at the Permanent Mission of Mexico to the UN in Geneva (1982-1988).

Born in 1958, she has done postgraduate studies in international law from the Institut Universitaire de Hautes Etudes Internationales in Geneva and holds a degree in international relations from El Colegio de Mexico.

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